Week 31-33 - Land and Monsters

It has been a couple of weeks and I finally have a few more Alpha cards to show off. First up is a Phantom Monster and an Island. I got these when eBay was running a $15 off $75+ purchase. I had to purchase another card to get up to the $75, but these were my main targets. This gets me to a full playset of Alpha Phantom Monsters. I also now have 14 Islands.

The next thing I picked up came from GP Pittsburgh. I went looking to make some trades for some Old School cards I ran across the card below, and even though it has play wear on it, I could not pass it up. I paid cash, and was just happy that no one else picked it up before I did. Clone will act as another copy of the best creature on the battlefield, so I don't have to worry about my opponent's creatures outclassing mine.

I have spent some time talking with a friend about this project and we came to the conclusion that 17 lands and 23 playables may not be the correct ratio. There was just a Beta draft at GP Las Vegas and the players were running 19-20 land. For the first iteration of my deck I am going to try 19 land and 21 playables to see how that goes. That means I am 5 Islands and 2 playables away from finishing this deck. The end is starting to feel close.


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