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Winter Derby Round 5

Round 5 Dan (Lestree Zoo) 1-4 (2-8 in games) Dan was on Lestree Zoo, though I did not find that out until game 2. It was a fairly stock list, but not to be underestimated nonetheless.
Game 1 started well for me going City of Brass, Mox Sapphire, Sol Ring, Felwar Stone. He started on City and Kird Ape. I Strip Mined his City, and passed back. I took a hit or two from the Ape before plowing it. I dropped a Serra Angel and started going to town. I did have to Mana Drain a Time Walk to keep this game from getting away from me The turn before I won I swung with the Angel and my Factory, and Disenchanted his Factory after he animated it. He scooped after that attack.
Game 2 went about the same. I started off with Library of Alexandria, and he started off with lands and an Argothian Pixie. I took some hits from Factories and the Pixies. I had to counter a Kird Ape before it got out of control. I finally cast Braingeyser for 5, but left up Maze of Ith and 2 Islands. I saw a pair of Angels al…

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