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Eternal Weekend 2019 Haul

Eternal Weekend 2019 has come and gone, and I have some acquisitions to show off. I traveled down with fellow Akron Legionnaires Matt, Bill, and Jim. We went in knowing that we were not going to be able to play in the tournament on Sunday. The timing just does not work out very well for us. We went down looking to make purchases/trades with the vendors. We discussed plans on the trip down and my plan was not very concrete. I knew I wanted to pickup some Revised dual lands, but that was about as specific as I was.

Here is everything I ended up with across 3 trades. Not shown is the cash I came home with.
We got to the hall, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of vendors. We hit up the artists first, and got Mark Poole to sign an Akron Legionnaire. Matt presented him with a pin, and we were able to take a picture with him. You can see the picture on the Akron Legionnaire Twitter feed. We then hit up the vendors. As usual there were a bunch of different cards available. Basically …

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