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Scryings Spoiler

As you can likely tell from my blog, I like certain types of decks. While I will always enjoy playing an aggro deck and turning a bunch of creatures sideways, my favorite type of desk is control. I prefer to determine what hits the battlefield, and what is allowed to stay there. I enjoy having 7  cards in hand, and passing the turn to my opponent with all of my mana untapped. Do I have a counter? Do I have a removal spell? Do I have a draw spell? Am I just sandbagging a bunch of land? My opponent has to guess, and guessing wrong could determine the outcome of the game. I'm here today to preview a Scrying card, and it is definitely a card I can see myself playing. Let's take a look at it before we talk about it. Without further ado, I give you Sacred Mesa. Look at those beautiful flying horses. OK, let's talk about this card. It makes an endless supply of 1/1, Flying creatures, for the low price of 1W each. Having access to evasive creatures on demand means this card

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