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Winter Derby Roundup

Now that the Winter Derby is over, for me at least, I wanted to look back at my deck and play. Overall I went 2-6 which was not great. I id not expect to top 16 the tournament, but I thought that 4-4 was a reasonable goal. However, I faced 7 decks that were fully powered and had all of the duals. That made things more difficult since I only have 2 pieces of power, and 3 duals. It feels like this is a gap that should be closed if I want to be more successful. I expected to face more opponents that were on decks without all of the expensive cards, but I did not. This year and next I will probably look into getting either more power, perhaps CE/IE, or more duals, probably blue ones. While I wish I had the money to just go pickup both, I do not, so I have to be strategic about getting them.

After all is said and done, I had a blast playing, and this is something I would definitely do again.

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