Winter Derby Round 3

Round 3 Jared (UR Artifacts)
0-3 (1-6 in games)
Jared was on an Artifact deck with Triskelion and Tetravus. He was also packing a fair amount of burn. Game 1 I was a bit light on land, and had to liberally use my Cities of Brass to counter his spells. I ended up taking myself down to 1, before I landed an Azure Drake, and was able to survive for several more turns. However, I proceeded to draw nothing that would help, and another Triskelion came down, and I didn’t have the mana to counter it.

Game 2, saw another slow start out of me. I had a Felwar Stone, Strip Mine, and Tundra. I was able to keep the worst off of his board, but it was an uphill battle. We fought over a Triskelion, I used Counterspell, and he tried to REB it, but then remembered that he had no red mana. The Triskelion went in the bin, and I breathed a sigh of relief. While I was at 3 like, Jared played a Blood Moon, and I attempted to Power Sink it. He let the Power Sink resolve, then tried to Fireball me out of the game with his remaining mana. I reminded him that since Power Sink resolved, he had to tap his mana and empty it from his pool, thus preventing the Fireball. He Instead used REB to counter my Power Sink, and the Blood Moon stuck. We played Draw/Go for a few turns, as I was down to 1 Island, 1 Plains, a Fellwar that tapped for U/R, and 4 “Mountains”. I had a conversion stuck in my hand that might have swung the game, but I could not draw another Plains to save my life. He ultimately played a Triskelion which my Force Spike could do nothing about, and used it for the final 3 points of damage.

Once again, I felt like I played well, but ultimately had a frustrating experience. Perhaps my keeps are too greedy, and that is costing me. I’m not sure what is going wrong, but it makes me question whether I should be playing in tournaments at all.


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