Winter Derby Round 5

Round 5 Dan (Lestree Zoo)
1-4 (3-8 in games)
Dan was on Lestree Zoo, though I did not find that out until game 2. It was a fairly stock list, but not to be underestimated nonetheless.

Game 1 started well for me going City of Brass, Mox Sapphire, Sol Ring, Felwar Stone. He started on City and Kird Ape. I Strip Mined his City, and passed back. I took a hit or two from the Ape before plowing it. I dropped a Serra Angel and started going to town. I did have to Mana Drain a Time Walk to keep this game from getting away from me The turn before I won I swung with the Angel and my Factory, and Disenchanted his Factory after he animated it. He scooped after that attack.

Game 2 went about the same. I started off with Library of Alexandria, and he started off with lands and an Argothian Pixie. I took some hits from Factories and the Pixies. I had to counter a Kird Ape before it got out of control. I finally cast Braingeyser for 5, but left up Maze of Ith and 2 Islands. I saw a pair of Angels along with the second white I needed to cast them. After his turn, I dropped a Moat and passed back at about 7 life. I countered a Psi Blast, only to eat a second Psi Blast. I dropped an Angel and passed feeling fairly good. He cast Chain Lightning while I was at 3. I went into the tank before realizing that his City of Brass meant than my Felwar Stone tapped for white. I plowed my own Angel to put me at 4 life. I then played another Angel on my turn. He never saw another useful card. I got down a second angel and an Azure Drake, and hit him for 10. He drew a Black Lotus, but that wasn’t going to do anything, and I took the match.

Dan was a great guy, and someone I would play again. His deck is one that has caught my interest in the past, but it did not do him any favors tonight. That is the way that luck goes sometimes. I’m just happy to get a win.


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