Winter Derby Round 4

Round 4 Duncan (Esper Goodstuff)
0-4 (1-8 in games)
Duncan was on an Esper goodstuff build. He was packing Black Knights and Serendibs along with Swords, Disenchant, Psi Blast, Sinkhole, and the on color power. He also had a pair of Guardian Beasts to combo with Chaos Orb.

Game 1 was fairly quick. He got an Early Black Knight, and I just could not do anything about it. I got a Maze of Ith down, but that only stalled it until he was able to kill it with a Sink Hole. He killed my Moat with Chaos Orb, and from there it was only a matter of time until the Black Knights got there. I was able to keep a pair of Hypnotic Specters off the board with Swords and counter magic, but it just was not enough.

Game 2 I got an early COP: Black out, but it ate a Disenchant. Black Knight came to the party again, but I was able to keep it at bay with Maze of Ith. A missed Orb flip left the Maze on board until it ate a Sinkhole. Another Black Knight joined the first, and from there it was off to the races. I got a Serra Angel a bit later, but I was just way too far behind on life for that to be enough. I was able to Braingeyser up to 7 cards at one point, before I was immediately Mind Twisted for 7. Ultimately it was hit with a Psi Blast, and that was all she wrote.

Another rough match, though not due to my opponent. Black Knight is a good card, especially when my answers are all white. My opponent suggested White Knight as a possible answer in the black matchup, which is a really good idea, and something I will consider in the future.


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