Winter Derby Round 2

Round 2: Florian (Troll Disco)
0-2 (1-4 in games)
Florian was another cool and laid back guy. Game 1 was tough because I could not get above 3 mana for the majority of the game. His Mind Twist took 3 of my 7 cards, and while it did not hit mana, it set the tone for the rest of the game. An early Maze of Ith kept his Shivan Dragon from doing damage. I was also able to swords a Sedge Troll, but ultimately another Troll and a Factory ate away at my life total.

Game 2 went much the same. I was stuck on Island, Strip Mine, and Sol Ring for a long time. I made some attacks with a Mishra’s factory, but could not draw mana. I was able to Force Spike a Mind Twist to at least keep my hand in tact. A Gloom came down on the other side of the board, and things just went downhill. I tried to disenchant the Gloom, but it was hit with Mana Drain. I was able to Swords a Shivan dragon, but ultimately another Sedge Troll, and a large Fireball were about to end the game quickly

The games were fun, but it was also frustrating to be mana screwed and color screwed the entire match. I feel like I have enough mana in my deck, but I just have not been seeing it. I don't mind playing Draw/Go magic, but I want it to be on my terms, not because I cannot cast the cards I am drawing.


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