Week 35-38 Time for a Splash

I went to Eternal Weekend 2018 this year on Friday 11/2. My friend Matt and I were looking to trade/buy into some Old School cards. We both had an eye out for Alpha cards as I am working on finishing my deck by the end of the year, and he is improving his deck. There was a ton of Old School stuff available, and even a surprising number of Alpha cards. After much looking around and talking, I decided to make a trade. I sold 4 Beta Phantasmal Forces, 4 The Dark Ball Lightnings, 1 WMCQ Geist of Saint Traft, 1 Alpha False Orders, 1 Sword of Feast and Famine, and 1 Sword of Light and Shadow. With that money I had my eye on a BGS 8.5 graded Alpha Fireball. In addition, there were a number of Alpha Disintegrates, and Alpha Power Sinks I wanted to look through for 1 in really nice condition. AS I waited for someone to help me another person in front of my bought the graded Fireball. I went into the tank. A lot of my plans hinged on getting that card. I walked around some more and tried to figure out what to do. During this time, Matt offered to sell me his Alpha Fireball for $100, which was less than the graded copy. If the card was in the condition that he normally keeps his cards in, that was a very fair price. Ultimately I bought 1 Power Sink and 1 Disintegrate, and later that night bought the Fireball from Matt.

It is now obvious that my deck will not be mono-Blue as I originally intended. When I starting talking about and thinking about a small red splash, the idea excited me. I have ultimately decided to go forward with the splash. At the start I'm just going to put the Fireball and Disintegrate in along with 3-4 Mountains. I also am planning to cut 1 copy of Spell Blast for the Power Sink.

I believe that all I have left to get 5 basic lands. It will be either 3 Mountains and 2 Islands or 4 Mountains and 1 Island.


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