Winter Derby Round 1

Round 1: Dave
0-1 (1-2 in games)
Game one started off with a fairly early Juggernaut for Dave. I hit it with a Disenchant, and promptly cast a Serra Angel. I started swinging and an Azure Drake joined the party quickly, and the game ended a couple of turns later. He had a White Knight and a couple of Mishra’s Factories, but it just was not enough.

Game two started off poorly for me. Dave played a turn 1 Library of Alexandria, and just out card advantaged me. Early in the game I opted to Disenchant his Chaos Orb, and he popped it in response and hit my Tundra. I struggled with mana after that. He played a bunch of artifact mana, while I mostly built up a mana base. I did counter his Mind Twist that would have sealed the game for him. Dave finally was able to resolve an Armageddon, and I went down to no mana. I was not able to recover quick enough, even though Dave Wheeled a couple of turns later. I ultimately died to Factories.

Game 3, started off much the same. Dave dropped a bunch of artifact mana, while I built up with lands. I played a turn 2 COP: Red much to Dave’s Chagrin. I was able to Power Sink his Disenchant on my COP, and he Ancestral Recalled instead. The next turn he attempted to Mind Twist my hand away, and was surprised to see a Force Spike come out of my hand to counter it. He then started dropping Black Vises, but I kept my hand low on cards. Finally, he cast Armageddon again, and played out a 3rd Black Vise. I ended up drawing up to 6 cards in hand and dying to the Vises, along with a pair of Mishra’s Factories.

All in all, it was a ton of fun, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Dave. We talked about my deck a bit, and hew was just an all around nice guy to talk with and play against. I hope I have the opportunity to play against him again in the future. I also need to look into some way to deal with artifacts in the future. Most likely I should pickup a set of Energy Fluxes, as there were times when that would have wrecked Dave’s entire board and brought back into the game.


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