Winter Derby

The Oldschool 93/93 Online Tournaments Facebook group is running their Winter Derby event again, and I decided to join. I have not played in any Old School tournaments ever, and have also never played in any online matches. I talked with Matt about it, and decided it would be fun to play.

My first decision was what deck to use. Naturally I have my UW Flyers deck that runs all of my good stuff. I also have the ability to build a pretty good UR Burn deck, but without Serendibs, it will be just a bit slower. I also thought about splashing white into UR Burn as the 3 Tundras and 4 Cities of Brass would give me 7 white mana sources and allow basically a free splash. Ultimately I decided to use my UW Flyers deck, but I am using the 4 Cities of Brass to splash a Demonic Tutor and a Wheel of Fortune.

I dug through a box of old cards for the sideboard and decided to run a bunch of color hate. and came up with this pile.

I'm running 2x of COP: Black, COP: White, COP: Red, Blue Elemental Blast, Red Elemental Blast, Conversion, Force Spike, and 1 Earthquake. I think it was a mistake to not own a set of Energy Fluxes, but that is a lesson learned. Overall I'm happy with my deck, but I think my sideboard is a bit weak, and I may have a few too many slots devoted to red hate.


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